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Fly Fisher's Diary

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What is the 'Fly Fisher's Diary?

"It's my Fly-fishing Encyclopedia. My ready reference and reckoner. Decades of notes, sketches and so on. Forgotten folk and lifetime friendships. It’s all there, filed away and at hand. Quite simply, my Bible!"

Life long fly fisher, Dennis Carter.

A masterpiece of design and craftsmanship and a joy to behold, your water-resistant diary will enable every fly-fisher to record the details of every fish caught, every trip made and every fly used, the rod, the reel, the place and the day – every detail, in detail – it is a ready reference far better than memory.


The Diary Book:

Made from water-resistant paper to ensure longevity.

Refillable leather case:

Made from high-quality cowhide ensuring durability and customizable with name/initials.

Comes in a gift box and includes a bamboo clip pen.

Box size: 194mm x 170mm x 40mm
Diary Size: 168mm x 125mm x 17mm
Leather Cover Size: 182mm x 155mm x 30mm